Petites Envies du Liban which is part of the company "Le Libanais S.P.R.L. » offers products from Lebanon, artisanal products, contemporary cuisine that is both comforting and healthy.

Through this site and through the range of our products, we seek to reconcile the Lebanese culinary tradition with today's requirements in terms of taste and quality.


From breakfast to dinner, with friends, family or on the go, we present an assortment of small appetizers, condiments, spices and spirits that will make you discover the richness of the cedar country cuisine.


A whole art of living is expressed in Lebanese gastronomy, cuisine of the sun and the heart and it is this culinary heritage that our site delivers to you.

All of our products are homemade because we make a point in terms of quality and freshness.


Petites Envies du Liban offers you a typical and artisanal production, made in Lebanon and appreciated throughout the world!