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The Lebanese thyme or "Zaatar" is a delicious mix of spices and aromas whichof the sumac, a typical sour spice and sesame seeds.

Zaatar is a staple of the Lebanese cuisine; it can be used with your salads, vegetables and fresh cheese or mixed with olive oil and simply enjoyed with bread.

Package: 400g jar.

Ingredients: thyme, sumac, sesame seeds, salt.


Spices & Syrups


A typical Lebanese spice with a sour taste; mostly used in salad dressings and meat seasoning.

Packaging: 400g jar.

Ingredrients: summac.

Grenadine Molasses

Spices & Syrups


Pomegranate molasses is widely used in the Middle-Eastern cuisine, especially in Lebanon. With its bittersweet flavor, it goes well with many foods ranging from poultry to fish, salads and tabbouleh. Because of its tangy and fruity taste, it can be used as a balsamic vinegar.

Packaging: 75cc bottle.

Ingredients: pomegranate juice, salt.